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Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are otherwise called cellular blinds for their cell-like structure. It is a versatile and attractive window treatment with various colour choices. The blinds are designed with multiple options of colours, patterns and fabrics. The attractive feature of the blinds is that it maximises energy efficiency. We provide a vast collection of Honeycomb blinds with multiple cell size variants. With an assortment of blinds with textures, colours, and fabrics to control the light flow. The most common shades are Blackout, Translucent, day-night cellular shades (a combination of translucent and blackout shades). The desired shade depends on the amount of light your room requires.
Common types of Honeycomb blinds
  • Translucent Honeycomb Blinds
  • Blackout Honeycomb Blinds
  • Sheer Honeycomb Blinds

How the Honeycomb blinds are designed ?
As a leading honeycomb blinds manufacturers, our commitment towards quality, and innovation enables the customers to choose from an exclusive range of fabrics, features, and operating systems. The Honeycomb blinds bring a blend of sleek, modern, and elegant appearance, making it the trend icon. To achieve good energy efficiency, the single-blind up to 12 feet in width can be an ideal choice.
Honeycomb window shades properties
Honeycomb blinds dealer specially design the room darkening products to diffuse sunlight and draw deeper to illuminate the home naturally and minimise the requirement for artificial light. The opaque and semi-opaque materials are more suitable for room darkening when there is a minimal requirement for light.
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